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City of Cambridge

Home to the prestigious Cambridge University, founded in the 13th century, Cambridge is about 30 minutes away from Bartlow, and has a wealth of things to do and see. Driving to Cambridge is easy, although parking is expensive - but there is a good Park and Ride about ten minutes drive from the pub, straight up the Haverhill to Cambridge A1307.

Of course, the shopping is always great too and when you get tired of all the walking Cambridge also has plenty of places to grab a bite and put your feet up.

King's College Cambridge

Explore one of the University's 31 colleges, from the famous King's College founded in 1441 to the oldest college in Cambridge, Peterhouse, founded in 1294. Join a free walking tour typically led by a Cambridge student to discover the hidden secrets of Cambridge.

Punting on the Cam

No visit to Cambridge is complete without trying the age old tradition of punting. Whether you choose to brave the pole yourself or opt for a chauffeured punt this is an experience you will not forget.

Cambridge Shakespeare Festival

A truly wonderful experience run by the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival throughout the summer in different college gardens. Grab a picnic, arrive early, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.

The Orchard Tea Gardens

The Orchard Tea gardens in Grantchester, made famous by Rupert Brooke in his poem "The Old Vicarage, Grantchester...oh! yet stands the church clock at ten to three? And is there honey still for tea?." The Orchard, a corner of England where time stands still as the world rushes by.

University Botanic Gardens

A visit to the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens is a must for any garden enthusiast. A grade 11 listed heritage garden in the heart of Cambridge, it covers 40 acres, offering year round inspiration for gardeners and a great introduction to the natural world for children.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

The arts and antiquities museum of the University of Cambridge. From antiquity to the present day, the Fitzwilliam houses a world-renowned collection of over half a million beautiful works of art, masterpiece paintings and historical artefacts.

Kettles Yard

Kettles Yard, one of the country's most intimate and spellbinding museums, the collection of one man and his unerring eye; restorative, homely, yet life-changing. - Mark Fisher, Britain's Best Museums and Galleries, 2004.

The Scott Polar Museum

The Scott Polar Museum is free to visit and is a great family resource. Open Tuesday to Sunday and Bank holidays.

The American Cemetary

The final resting place of Americans who gave their lives during the Second World War, the American Cemetery is just a short bus ride out of Cambridge. With a new 4,000 sure foot visitor centre opened in 2014 the cemetery is not only awe inspiring and moving but also highly educational.

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