In common with many others in the hospitality industry we now take a deposit of £10/person for all bookings. This will ordinarily be refunded to you in full against the cost of your table on the day. For bookings of five or more we require 24 hours notice for any amendments or changes to the booking. For tables of six or more and for all party tables with a pre order we require 48 hours.  You can do this either by calling us and leaving a message or by sending us an email. In the absence of the relevant notice we will retain £10/person.

Whilst we recognise that unforeseen events may happen and that sufficient notice cannot always be given, this costs us money. We plan our staffing and buy our food relative to the number of covers we have booked in on any given day. We limit our covers to those we can best serve with the resources we have. So whilst you might lose £10/head when you have to make a last minute change or cancellation it actually costs us a great deal more than that. So please don't take it out on the server when part of your deposit is retained because part of your table couldn't come. It's not their fault or the fault of the restaurant. It is what we have to do to cover a small part of the cost we incur and ensure that we are still here to serve you in the months to come.