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 The Bartlow to Ashdon Circular Walk
The Route
Approximate Distance 5 miles

Turn right out of the pub and follow the pavement up and around to the right along Camps Road until you reach the Church. Go through the churchyard, bearing to the left of the Church and follow the signed footpath, with private signs left and right, up over the disused railway, before finally emerging into the Three Hills, the ancient tumuli for which the pub is named and for which Bartlow is famous. Climb the steps of the largest one for a view from the top.

Keeping the hill with the steps to your left, walk across the grass until you reach a path which leads down to the road. Just before the path ends, take a footpath to the left through the wood. Follow this path until you emerge onto a farm drive, with signs for Hills Farm and Vetstream. Turn left up this driveway, past the Free Range Children and the round water tower, and then turn left out onto the farm track. If your dog is likely to chase pheasants, please put them on a lead at this point, just until you get to the end of this long track.

At the end of the track at the first T junction turn right on grassy track/field edge. Follow this to a 5 way cross paths, and then take the middle path straight ahead (flanked by a post and rail fence a few yards off). Follow this path, down through an avenue of trees, passing the splendid country house on your left.

At the end of the drive, turn left onto the road. Pass the cottages to your right, and upon reaching the wood turn right up the field edge, following the track round to the right, then to the left, before emerging into a small car park. From the car park bear left onto the road, passing Ashdon Windmill on your right. Go past the mill cottages and enter the footpath through the trees.

At the first break in the hedge turn right, following the footpath with the hedge to your right. Walk a little further, and then at the corner turn right and left through the trees and continue straight along the footpath with the hedge to your right. You will now be heading steadily downhill. The path will bear left at the corner (ignore the bridge and footpath to your right) and you follow this grassy track all the way downhill until you exit onto a little lane which leads to a small road where you turn right. Follow this to the end and turn right onto a main road. Walk down to the Rose and Crown in Ashdon.

At the pub, turn left and immediately right up the hill. Follow this road until you reach the end of the spinney and the end of the fence line. Turn left through the break in the hedge, down some steps and across the stile. Cross the field diagonally (don’t worry if there are cows in the field), heading straight for the middle of the hedge line. Ignore the gate visible to your left. Cross the stile, the bridge and the stile, and turn right. Go through a gate, passing an electric station, and you will find a concrete track.

You’re almost there!

Follow this track for some distance, and then turn right at the cross path near houses and farm. Continue straight ahead again, and at next T junction (house and horses straight ahead) turn left. At next junction turn right, and then walk on, past the track to your right lined with trees, until you emerge onto the road. Put your dogs on a lead as you now turn right onto the road, go under the old railway bridge (be careful), and at the end of the road turn left towards the pub.


Come into the pub and have a well earned drink!

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