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Getting ready for Christmas?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Our second lockdown in a year and this one feels very different. Most people seem to be going about their usual business, most businesses appear to be open - apart from hospitality, gyms, small independent non food retailers and hairdressers. We feel your pain. But we are trying to stay busy - even if it's only dreaming of Christmas, cosy candlelit dinners or al fresco dining with a difference. When the time comes, we will welcome you back to The Three Hills with our arms open! We encourage you to book your tables now, at whatever pubs and restaurants you choose - to give this industry the chance it deserves.

It's galling to have worked so hard to make the place Covid-19 secure, to have invested so much in our outside space to make it warm and inviting, only to have to close again on the run up to our busiest period. Whilst Government support for employees is very welcome, support for business is woefully lacking. Where will the money come from to pay for ongoing employer NICS and pensions, and all the overheads that continue during lockdown? It is certainly galling to hear that supermarkets have benefitted from the same business rates relief that all businesses were afforded, despite being open and seeing significant increases in sales during the first lockdown. That this money has now been distributed to shareholders feels like a slap in the face for all hard working independents - most of whom were forced to shut for four months during the first lockdown and now again. We pray for a return to normal times and a fair playing field!

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